I have to start by saying that I think I have tried almost every sexual supplement that is sold on the market. Most of them seemed like I was taking a placebo and did little more for me than sometimes causing stomach issues.

I was not impressed with them and found it very difficult to get my money back. I was extremely nervous about trying Semenax, but figured I had tried everything else, why not this one.

I was not someone that had trouble getting an erection or performing, but when it came to my orgasms my ejaculation was little more than dribble at times. My orgasms were often not that intense, and it was very short lived. Surgery was not an option, and the doctor could do little more than recommend some dietary suggestions that did not end up helping.

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I read a lot of reviews in regards to the Semenax product, and customers ended up being rather satisfied with the results that they were receiving. I placed my order and was pleasantly surprised with how fast my order was shipped. I got started on my regimen instantly. I can say that I began to feel the difference in my orgasms almost instantly. It took awhile for the severe intensity to kick-in, but it did eventually occur and has continued to occur ever since then.

I was extremely pleased with my results, and have continued to maintain my regimen. I am happy to keep making my Semenax investment in the Semenax product. I was assured when it came to the product that it was guaranteed, but I was extremely happy that I never had to use that guarantee.

The fact that there are several medical professionals that are willing to back the product are exactly what I needed in order to feel confident enough to purchase the product.

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